Ice Fishing on Leech

Most people south of Iowa think we’re crazy – stepping into our Sorel’s, gigantic parkas and insulated gloves, and then parking ourselves on a frozen mass of water for hours on end. Really – who wouldn’t think we we’re off our rocker just a tiny bit…. What they don’t understand is that of ice fishing is the best way to catch elusive walleye and whittle away winter days.  Trapper’s Landing Lodge will take your ice fishing adventure the next level with deluxe ice house rentals and the world class ice fishing of Leech Lake.  Best of all we offer a No Mosquito guarantee!

Trappers Landing Lodge works with the best guides and vendors on Leech Lake. We have ice houses for rent, and guided trips available – for those of you who want more of an adventure and the advantage of regional expertise.

New for 2014-15

We have teamed up with Brian Brosdahl, or “Bro,” for some tuned-up ice fishing adventures. Bro has been fishing the area for over 20 years and has been known as a pioneer in the ice fishing industry. He will provide the expertise, equipment and transportation for your guided ice fishing adventure. You can learn more from his website:

(218) 836-2500

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