About Leech Lake

The first sight of the sheer expanse of Leech Lake and the thought of all the monster walleye and Muskie lurking below the shimmering surface is enough to set a true fisherman’s wrist ‘a twitchin’.

Leech Lake is the third largest lake in Minnesota, covering nearly 113,000 acres. The lake is known partly for its depths of over 150 feet – but most of the lake is actually under 35 feet and the expansive shoreline, many inlets and bays make it a fisherman’s dream. Several rivers feed in to Leech – some of the larger tributaries include Steamboat, Kebekona, Boy and Shingobee Rivers. The Leech Lake River is the lake’s only outlet and leads to the Mississippi River.

The shore extends 195 miles and ranges from natural and rocky to sandy and swampy. The long shoreline creates many bays, in the Northeast you’ll find Sucker, Portage, Boy and Headquarters Bays which are mostly shallow with a gradual slope and sandy or mucky bottoms. Across the lake you’ll find Walker and Kebekona Bays with steep slopes and rocky bottoms. The main portion of the lake has many reefs and bars – a hotspot for late season walleyes.  

Other Leech Lake Area Interests

The Leech Lake area offers much more than fish – while you’re waiting for the fish to bite, enjoy the wildlife – millions of migrating birds pass over the lake, and the Chippewa National Forest is home to the one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles in the country.

What will you find at the end of your line?

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