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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is one of the best ways to experience winter in the Northwoods.  From the fresh air, the exhilaration of the activity and the constant run-ins with local wildlife, it’s no wonder why cross-country skiing is a favorite winter pasttime in Northern Minnesota. Grab your skis and head to Trapper’s Landing Lodge,  enjoy a luxurious stay on your next skiing adventure at these near by trails.


  • 49 miles of multi-use trail between Park Rapids and Cass Lake, with a 4 mile segment north of Walker on sharply rolling terrain, a 27mi paved segment between Park Rapids and Walker and 20mi paved segment between Walker and Cass Lake with dual treadway for snowmobiles with studded tracks.
  • Provides many connections with snowmobile trails
  • Views of lakes, rivers and streams.  Runs through hardwood forests of jack, red and white pine as well as spruce fir.
  • Wildlife include: deer, raccoon, red fox, porcupine, beaver and muskrat, as well as the occasional coyote, weasel, mink, bobcat and black bear.
  • Many birds including Bald Eagles



  • 5 Miles SW of Walker on Hwy 34
  • 6 mi of groomed trails for xc-skiing, from intermediate to advanced, Part of over 150 miles of trails in the forest.
  • Rolling hills and scenic vistas
  • Skiing and Sledding areas
  • Watch for nesting Bald Eagles and a variety of wildlife.



  • 110 Mile Multi-use trail between Brainerd/Baxter and Bemedji
  • 69.5 miles stretch from Baxter to Walker – paved
  • Runs near the Chippewa National Forest

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